Introducing List version 8.0


I am happy to announce the release of List:Daily Checklist version 8.0. This version has many improvements. Improved Cloud Sync using Firebase, more action scheduling options, and a numerical action type are the most notable.

Cloud Sync now uses Google Firebase as opposed to Google Drive. This change makes synchronization faster and more reliable.

Actions can now be scheduled to appear on your list on alternating days, monthly or yearly. These are in addition to being scheduled daily, on selected days (weekly), floating, and once only.

Actions can now be counted via a numerical value along with the original yes/no value type. So, you can count the number of times you have performed an action. Once the value reaches your target the action is marked as completed.

The app also got a visual update. It now uses the “letter in the circle” design pattern used in Gmail and many other apps.

What’s new:
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  • Improved Cloud Sync using Firebase (Not compatible with previous Google Drive Cloud Sync)
  • Added: Numerical action type
  • Added: Schedule actions every other day
  • Added: Schedule actions monthly
  • Added: Schedule actions yearly
  • Added: Try Plus version free
  • Updated look Actions and Goals screens
  • Added: Date specific management screen
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

More improvements are on the way!

Get List:Daily Checklist from the Play Store here

Please share you are using List:Daily Success for. Are you using it to build habits? Help manage your day? Do chores? Let me know in the comments below.


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