June 10, 2014

What features would you like to see added?

New Features
Do you like using the Daily Success Checklist but wish it did something else that is does not. Please vote for the feature(s) you would like to see added in the future.

If you don’t see a feature but would like to have it added to the list leave it in the comments below.

To your continued success,


42 thoughts on “What features would you like to see added?

  • I want to turn off the new “you haven’t used the list” reminder. It’s annoying. And give me a way to manually mark a day “skipped” or “nothing recorded” because sometimes I can’t attend to the checklist at all (like when traveling). I don’t want these exceptions to count toward my progress.

    • Paul,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Will be releasing a version early next week with an option to turn off that reminder. A mechanism is in the works that will allow for exception days, like vacation, sick days, or emergencies where in-completed actions won’t count against your results. Hoping to have this added later this year.


      • I would like the ability surpass an action or goal…for example, if i set a goal at 4 times, I would like the option to check it off in my list more than 4 times

        • Hello Oyaniyi,

          Are you using numerical actions? If you are you can record a higher number that the maximum. If you are referring to checking off something more that 4 times a week and you do it on a 5th day, that feature is in the next release that will be in Beta shortly.


  • Hi thanks for this great app! I use it everyday. However one thing I would love to see is the ability to add one off events to the calendar so that I can track my recurring actions as well as have a normal to do list all in one app.

    • Hello Joe. I am working on adding new features as quickly as possible. Will be adding more robust scheduling features in the future. Thanks.

  • Love the app. However widget constantly crashes. Must open app then go back to home screen to see working widget.

    • Sorry for this issue Alex. Please upgrade to either the beta version or the latest regular version. This issue has been fixed.

  • i’m stuck at the rate the list page. I press esc it goes back. esc again and to the rate the list. it stucks. the only to get out is press home. the app still in memory I have to kill it. and also it not reset to the next day even I set to auto reset. I cannot use it now. sad. please correct.

  • I love this app, thanks for your job.
    I wish in the widget can see progress and days remain at the same time. ☺

  • My completed tasks used to get moved to the bottom of my list..I had to factory reset my phone and list all my data.
    Still LOVE the app, but wanting the return of that feature.

    • Adrienne,

      The option to move completed actions to the bottom is in the Quick Settings gear on the bottom right of the Actions list screen.


  • Amazing app… Love the customization options. And you folks are so responsive to feedback!
    I’d like to share my list by sending the file containing my custom settings to another person. That way the can buy your app and load my customized daily food/water/exercise list as us, without doing the work of customizing it themselves.
    Is this possible already? Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Pam,

      I like that idea. It is not currently possible. This will be added to the list of new features for an upcoming version.


  • Hi Daily Checklist Team,

    Your app is awesome.
    It would be great if one more thing can be added that is to allow the user to rate their ever individual action in the scale of 1 to 5 just to know how well they are doing at their ever single action.

    Kindly think once.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Terry

    Thanks for this great app. I am planning to purchase an iPhone this year.My concern is that currently there is no iOS version of this superb app .There is nothing even remotely like it available in iOS store.

    Please let me know is there an iOS version coming out this year

  • I’d like the option to have tasks I don’t get to carry over day to day until I do them. For instance, I normally do laundry on monday, but if for some reason I don’t get to it, it would automatically carry over to Tues, Wed, etc, until I either do it or mark that I’m not doing it that week. Thanks.

    • Hello Leslie,

      Use the Float action type with a value of 1. This way the action has to be completed once per week. It will show on the list everyday until it is marked completed.

      Let me know what other questions you have.


  • Dear Terry,

    Thank you for the great app! I’ve happily purchased the premium version. My question is whether I can completely hide the completed actions in the Action screen. At the moment, they are grayed out and crossed out.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi the colours are mostly customisable except for the red markers for actions and red dots for goals not yet done (in the widget). I’d like to change that colour, as seeing lots of red each morning is stressful!

    • Hello Kenzo,

      I am working on a major rewrite of the app. I will see about adding this customization on this version or to a later version.



  • Hi, I’m loving this app. It’s just I was needing! Be organized is so hard. This app really is helping me.
    But there’s one thing that could be better. Any kind of separate morning /afternoon /evening actions. When we have a lot of things to do, be able to see quickly what you have to do first, turn it easy.
    Thanks, you are amazing!

  • Hello Terry,

    you are just excellent!
    I use and I love this app for so long now and it helps me a lot handling my daily / weekly routines.

    Two year ago I asked you via email for the CSV-export function. After testing it just recently I’d like to thank you so much! Using a PivotChart in MS Excel I could visualize now so effectively all my habits during any time period from first usage in 2015 till today. Wow!

    As a new task manager app I’m currently testing todoist (instead of managing my tasks in MS outlook). I tried implementing all my daily / weekly routines also within todoist. Most likely I will seperate again task management and daily routines / habits in separate apps as todoist can not manage routines as good as your Daily Checklist app. Also I like how quickly you implement suggestions from users.

    In my eyes this is just the best app for building-up and tracking routines and habits that is available for Android.

    I’m looking forward for the already planned web-interface and would be interested to see how prioritization of habits will further improve. I could think also about consideration of contextual data (e.g. traveling, illness, vacation, weekends, workdays, …). One day your app may have some AI that recognizes context from google calendar and suggests to fill automatically the available time space between appointments and other tasks with the daily routines. Depending on the known time consumption and priorities of my habits less-important calendar entries or tasks might be suggested to be shifted. In other words helping me to decide which Daily Checklist habit or other 3rd party app task / calendar item is most important at the actual time during a day. Just dreaming and knowing that some of those dreams will come true sooner or later in your app 😉

    Thanks a lot again for this wonderful app,

    • Hello Mario,

      Thank you for your feedback. Will continue to improve the app and include user suggestions!


  • Hey there

    I’ve been using the app widget for a couple of days now and I am happy so far.
    But I wonder if it is possible to make the already DONE items vanish from the widget that only the DO items stay there? I didnt find that option. Maybe someone can help me!
    Thank you and greetings from germany

    Froline Smilla

    • Hello Froline Smilla,
      The completed items can move below the in-completed ones. In the main list touch the gear in the lower right then check ‘Completed to bottom’.

  • I would lime to have the app remind me that things are not done throughout day, e.g. at 12 pm 4pm 8pm so I can better manage my activities.

    • Hello Karen,

      This can be approximated by setting an alert in the action then choosing a 1 hour snooze length. 1 hour is the current maximum snooze length. This can be extended in a future version.


  • Just found this app and am already loving it. Props man!!!! There is one thing I am missing however. When you add an action and you tap on the frequency option, I would love to see an option that would allow me to schedule for every so many number of days or weeks or months. I feel that would really help to fine tune my list of actions frequency.
    Again, awesome job. Been on the search for an app such as this that really works me. Thank you.

    • Hello Tammy,

      Thank you for your suggestion. An all new version of the app will be released in the coming weeks. Once that version is out look for more scheduling options to be added in the future.


  • A. Love the app…Thanx!!!
    • 1-off actions to make a task list.
    • would like to move (or copy) actions from Default to Other created list.

    • Thank you for your feedback Paul,

      Good news! The app already has both of those features!
      For one off actions use the Once Only action type when adding or editing an action.
      To move action from one goal to another:
      – Open the destination goal.
      – Go the the Actions tab.
      – Tap the choose actions button in the lower right
      – Select the action(s) you want to move to this goal

      Let me know what other questions or suggestions you have. Send an email to checklist.help@gmail.com.

  • Hello! And I have a suggestion to add an option for actions to set the percentage of their execution. Now you can only finish the action completely. What if I’ve done the action, but at 50%? The action seems to be done, but not completely.

    • Hello Vasily,

      You can set the action to be a numerical data type with a target of 100. Then you can set its value from 0 to 100 as you perform it during the day until it is completed.


    • Hello David.

      Are your actions all in the Default Goal? If so, please create a new goal and move all your actions to the new goal. You will have no problems sorting your actions then.

      If you are still having issues please send us an email at checklist.help@gmail.com for further support.



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