Introducing Effort Based Scoring

Effort based scoring was introduced with version 9 of List: Daily Checklist. This scoring system replaces the Priority based system in prior releases but is backwards compatible. The idea is that not all actions are created equal. Which is to say some actions take more time, or effort to complete that others. For example, going Read more about Introducing Effort Based Scoring[…]

Introducing List version 8.0

Hello! I am happy to announce the release of List:Daily Checklist version 8.0. This version has many improvements. Improved Cloud Sync using Firebase, more action scheduling options, and a numerical action type are the most notable. Cloud Sync now uses Google Firebase as opposed to Google Drive. This change makes synchronization faster and more reliable. Read more about Introducing List version 8.0[…]

List Version 7.00 Beta Released

Added: Full Material Design refresh Added: Cross device synchronization using Google Drive (Plus version) Added: One time actions that are not recorded and are removed once completed Added: Can explicitly mark an action in-completed (Long press check box in main list) Added: Privacy mode to hide sensitive actions or goals Added: Added progress report showing Read more about List Version 7.00 Beta Released[…]