May 8, 2013

Change Log

Version 24.03_01:

  • Updated: Null safety
  • Visual and usability improvements

Version 23.04_04:

  • Fixed bug with undoing an Action’s status in the widget

Version 23.04_03:

  • Minor enhancements to meet Google’s policies

Version 23.04_02:

  • Fixed bug when sorting actions in the Default Goal
  • Other visual improvements

Version 23.04_01:

  • Added Race the Day motivation feature. Compares your score to the percent of the day that has elapsed so far
  • Floating numerical Action values now span multiple days
  • Added cloud backups to Google Drive
  • Added override schedule option to temporarily schedule an action on an arbitrary date
  • Removed Files and Media permission
  • Added enable option to multiple selection menu
  • Added markers to History Calendar to delineate float ranges
  • Added a easier to use Guided Mode when editing Goals and Actions”,

Version 21.02_01:

  • Increased touch area around widget check circles
  • Fixed intermittent check circle not showing in widget
  • Fixed some translation issues
  • Added nav drawer option (Beta)
  • Fix for automatic reset still happening even though it was disabled

Version 20 21.01_01:

  • Fixed backup/restores not working in Android 11
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 20 11_01:

  • Added info about floating actions due today to Home Page
  • Can now delete a goal or action while editing
  • Corrected typos
  • Bug Fixes

Version 20 10_04:

  • Fixed subscription bug that caused unwanted refunds
  • Bug Fixes

Version 20 RC 2:

  • Bug fixes

Version 20 RC 1:

  • Plus upgrade migrated to yearly subscription (current Plus users are not affected)
  • Percentage calendar shows score
  • Performance and visual improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 20 Beta 9:

  • Added Login using email and password
  • Fixed Cloud Sync from home screen widget
  • Improved Calendar date chooser
  • Improved animations in list
  • Improved Settings layout
  • Added information cards to Home page
  • Cosmetic and performance improvements

Version 20 Beta 7:

  • More list reset fixes
  • Added 2 week Plus trial
  • Updated translations
  • Doubled length of widget title

Version 20 Beta 6:

  • Added multi-selection of actions
  • Added option to ignore non-imperative floating and once only actions from score
  • Fixed sorting issue in the Actions Only view
  • Fixed reset issues

Version 20 Beta 5:

  • Added erase history in Settings
  • Added share option to History Details
  • Fixed blank screen in Settings

Version 20 Beta 3/4:

  • Easier to send config files

Version 20 Beta 2:

  • Fixed blank screen issues
  • Fixed missing check circles in widget
  • Fixed excess spacing in main List
  • Other improvements

Note: All major features work. Additional features will be ported in the coming weeks.
If you are a Beta user please send feedback to

Version 20 Beta 1:

  • App re-written using Google’s Flutter Framework
  • Many look and feel improvements
  • Changed from navigation drawer to bottom navigation buttons
  • Added home screen
  • Added dark mode

Note: All major features work. Additional features will be ported in the coming weeks.
If you are a Beta user please send feedback to

Version 16 (20.02_04):

  • Fixed Action specific calendar not opening
  • You can now expand Action notifications with long text

Version 16 (20.02_01):

  • Fixed issue where calendar did not remember choice to use Percentage calendar view
  • Removed unneeded settings option

Version 15 (19.07_01):

  • Fixed streak not showing in List header after 7 days
  • Fixed high threshold scores not being correctly counted towards your streak
  • Fixed reset issue when ending week with in-completed numerical floating actions
  • Removed exit confirmation for Plus users
  • Fixed upgrade to Plus crash
  • Other bug fixes

Version 14 (19.02_03):

  • Fixed bug where list jumped to top after Cloud Sync activity
  • Visual updates
  • Other bug fixes

Version 14 (19.02_02):

  • Fixed:
  • Issue with sync
  • Issue where widgets with narrow width disappears
  • Issue where database restores did not work

Version 14 (19.01_01):

  • Added option to hide completed actions from widget
  • Re-designed the action and goal edit screens
  • Other visual improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 13:

  • Added two new float scheduling types (Monthly and arbitrary days)
  • Visual enhancements
  • Internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 12:

  • Added vacation mode. Settings -> Vacation Mode
  • Added persistent alerts. Survives reboot
  • Targets Android 26 Oreo
  • Minor visual enhancements
  • Lots of internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 10:

  • Fixed bug with calendar percent values
  • Minor visual updates
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 9:

  • Added configurable snooze time to action notifications
  • Complete calendar re-write using new calendar viewing system
  • Changed priority weight calculation to use an effort based point system
  • Reset list improvements
  • Added countdown counter on the main list screen and widget
  • Added option to count non-imperative floating actions
  • Reset bug fixes
  • Other bug fixes

Version 8.2 Beta 3:

  • Added ability to revert to old percentage weighting system
  • Increased maximum effort based weight to 10
  • Minor visual enhancements

Version 8.2 Beta 2:

  • Added effort based weight system
  • Added countdown counter on the main list screen and widget
  • Option to count non-imperative floating actions
  • Minor visual enhancements
  • Reset bug fixes
  • Other bug fixes

Version 8.2 Beta 1:

  • Add configurable snooze time to action notifications
  • Reset list improvements
  • Complete calendar re-write using new calendar viewing system
  • Changed priority weight calculation to use a point based system
  • Other internal improvements and bug fixes
  • Other visual tweaks

Version 8.0:

  • Improved Cloud Sync using Firebase (Not compatible with previous Google Drive Cloud Sync)
  • Added: Numerical action type
  • Added: Schedule actions every other day
  • Added: Schedule actions monthly
  • Added: Schedule actions yearly
  • Added: Try Plus version free
  • Updated look Actions and Goals screens
  • Added: Date specific management screen
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.2:

  • Improved Widget updating
  • Removed fixed widget sizes. Only one re-sizable widget remains. Some users may have to re-add the widget.
  • Bug fixes

Version 7.1:

  • Added in-app billing for Plus upgrade
  • Removed goal limit in free version
  • Add goals to widget (Plus version)
  • Widget stays in place when changes are made
  • Added row padding to widget rows
  • Fixed bugs when scrolling list to reveal new or sorted items

Version 7.06:

  • Goal value tracking. You can now track goal values numerically.
  • Spanish language translation. Thanks to Lidia Barrantes.
  • Russian language translation. Thanks to Mic Lobko.
  • Added snooze and completion check to notification alerts
  • Notification alerts can have individual alert sounds
  • Improved information shown on secondary rows in main list
  • Improved manage actions interface
  • Options to switch languages on the fly in settings
  • Multi-select to move and delete actions
  • Hide toolbars in Actions list option
  • Conversion to Recycler View in main list
  • Improved widget and list background color handling
  • Made background colors brighter
  • Added Facebook community page
  • Placed Settings option in Actions list menu
  • Touching the left side of an action in widget opens list to that action
  • Touching the right side of an action in widget edits that action
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 7.05:

  • Added: Support for Android 6 Marshmallow permissions and doze
  • Added: Ability to search for text in actions, goals, reports, and history details
  • Added: Ability to set text and background colors individually for goals and actions
  • Added: Day Off mode. Use when an emergency arises that makes it difficult to complete the actions on your list. When Day Off mode is activated unchecked items do not count against you. There is a limit of 7 days off per month.
  • Added: German translation. Thanks to Peter Lpunkt
  • Added: Ability to change the widget header to match the background color
  • Added: Ability to export Report and Calendar data via CSV files (Plus Version)
  • Improved: Sorting goals and actions from the main list is now more intuitive. Long press to get the pop up menu
  • Improved: Touching on an action in the widget opens the list and scrolls to the touched action
  • Fixed: Internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.04b:

  • Fixed: Fix notification bug
  • Added: Option to prevent success screen from showing when list is completed
  • Fixed: Bug fixes (Most notably calendar showing year 294)

Version 7.04:

  • Added: Portuguese translation. Thanks to AndrĂ©ia Ribas
  • Added: Detect if device has been powered off during reset time. Will reset List when device boots up. Takes a minute or so after device is booted for List to be reset.
  • Added: Row margin height is now adjustable. Defaults to the smaller height. Allows more items to be shown on the main list screen.
  • Added: Notification reminder. Reminds you to use list if half the day has passed and no actions have been checked off yet.
  • Fixed: Bug fixes

Version 7.03:

  • Fixed: Bug fixes

Version 7.02:

  • Fixed: Bug fixes
  • Added: Interface improvements

Version 7.01:

  • Fixed: Bug with Cloud Sync
  • Added: List view when editing an action

Version 7.00:

  • Added: Full Material Design refresh
  • Added: Cross device synchronization using Google Drive (Plus version)
  • Added: One time actions that are not recorded and are removed once completed
  • Added: Can explicitly mark an action in-completed (Long press check box in main list)
  • Added: Privacy mode to hide sensitive actions or goals
  • Added: Added progress report showing performance of all actions at a glance
  • Added: Action priority weights (Settings -> Priority Weights)
  • Added: Ability to remove deleted action’s history from historical calendar (Settings -> Manage Deleted Actions)
  • Fixed: Floating actions being incorrectly scored at the end of the week
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 6.10:

  • Added: Some Material Design elements (More to come…)
  • Added: Separated font size for list and widget
  • Added: Shortcut to view an action’s stats calendar. Long press on action, choose ‘View Stats’
  • Added: Documentation describing the app’s screens
  • Added: Ability to remove an action or goal from within the edit screen
  • Added: Option to start week on Monday in Historical Calendar
  • Added: Ability to expand or collapse all goals in list
  • Improved: Sorting long list is faster with stability improvements
  • Improved: Reduced APK size
  • Improved: Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 6.00:

  • Changed name to List – Daily Success Checklist
  • Added floating action type. (Action can be done ‘X’ times per week)
  • Added ability to remove statistics for an individual action
  • Added ability to hide actions if current date is outside of goal’s start and due dates
  • Added ability to sort actions within goals
  • Added ability to collapse goals in actions list screen
  • Added ability to remove actions after goal has been achieved
  • Added ability to limit amount of ‘look back’ data used to calculate statistics
  • Added quick settings popup to alter data displayed on actions list screen
  • Added statistics/indicator to each action in actions list
  • Improved click responsiveness of check boxes in widget and on actions list screen
  • Improved layout and design
  • Fixed newly added actions not showing up in goal immediately
  • Fixed Daylight Savings Time bug
  • Internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.10:

  • Added ability to adjust score percentages in historical calendar
  • Added ability to change the color of the top and bottom action bars
  • Added separate widget color choices from in app color choices
  • Changed check box style to be more readable
  • Changed overall color schemes to be more ‘googlely’
  • Added link to new Google+ Community
  • Fixed crash when showing goals in action list
  • Various bug fixes and code optimizations

Version 5.00

  • Updated user interface to more modern style
  • Added ability to choose which day(s) an action should be performed
  • Added ability to disable an action. Useful for vacations of other events
  • Added ability to tie long term goals to your daily actions. Trail of 2 goals in ad supported version
  • Added slide out navigation drawer
  • Tablet optimized layout
  • Added scrollable widget capabilities on Android HoneyComb (3.x) and higher
  • Added option to turn off notification when list is reset
  • Added more background colors
  • Added separate option for widget background color
  • Newly redesigned icon
  • Changed name of app to Daily Success Checklist
  • Create Plus version that removes ads and adds extra features
  • Unlimited number of goals. (Plus Version)
  • Added ability to check off actions directly from widget. (Plus Version)

Version 4.03

  • Added autobackup of database
  • Added ability to add details on missing days in calendar 30 days in the past
  • Internal performance and visual improvements
  • Fix crashes some users have been seeing
  • Added icon help screen

Version 4.02

  • Added ability to edit the past 30 days of historical entries
  • Added text to bottom of icons
  • Added preferences to top action bar
  • Priority indications now seen when reordering list
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Internal changes

Version 4.00

  • Added ability to wipe history data from database to start over
  • Fixed force close in some locations
  • Fixed format of backup filenames
  • Minor formatting changes

Version 4.00

  • Added history details for dates and actions
  • Added percentage based calendar mode
  • Added percentage completed indicator
  • Added transparent and semi-transparent backgrounds
  • Added resizeable widget option
  • Added Holo theme styled action bars
  • Added action statistics in the edit screen
  • Added option to play a tone when an item is checked as completed
  • Added ability to share historical lists
  • Added quick contact and information access by pressing the application icon on the main screen
  • Improved the design of the calendar. Better formated tablets
  • Numerous design improvements
  • Performance enhancements

Version 3.00

  • Added three level priority system
  • Added more color options for text and background
  • Added ability to change list and widget text sizes
  • Added indicator for number of in-completed items needed for a daily check mark
  • Added option to move completed actions to bottom of list
  • Added more choices for day roll times. Up to noon the following day
  • Added option for custom reset notification messages
  • Added more widget sizes
  • Added option to show word wrapped text in widget
  • New application icon

    Version 2.01

  • Fixed calendar layout issue on large resolution screen

    Version 2.0

  • Added a calendar that tracks each day all actions are completed
  • Added statistics to track number of days all actions were completed each month, number of consecutive days with all actions completed and total days completed
  • Added counter to track number of consecutive days all actions are completed and a check mark status for more than 7 consecutive days
  • Added list reset feature
  • New icon. Now a green check mark