Goal Tracking comes to List: Daily Checklist version 7.06

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Announcing the release of version 7.06 of List: Daily Checklist. This version brings continued improvements to the app.
Thank you too all the Beta testers for finding issues before release.

Here are the changes:
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  • Goal value tracking. You can now track goal values numerically.
  • Spanish language translation. Thanks to Lidia Barrantes.
  • Russian language translation. Thanks to Mic Lobko.
  • Added snooze and completion check to notification alerts
  • Notification alerts can have individual alert sounds
  • Improved information shown on secondary rows in main list
  • Improved manage actions interface
  • Options to switch languages on the fly in settings
  • Multi-select to move and delete actions
  • Hide toolbars in Actions list option
  • Conversion to Recycler View in main list
  • Improved widget and list background handling
  • Made background colors brighter
  • Added Facebook app community page
  • Placed Settings option in Actions list menu
  • Touching the left side of an action in widget opens list to that action
  • Touching the right side of an action in widget edits that action
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements



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