List Version 6.0 Released

sample graphicHello achiever,

Version 6.0 of List has been released. Yes the name has changed. Officially it is now called “List – Daily Success Checklist”. This was done so that the app can be referred to by a single, hopefully catchy, name. Daily Success Checklist is kind of awkward. So it can now be referred to as “List”.

Besides the name change there have been some requested features added. Back in June I added a New Features Poll and have received great feedback on features you would like to see added to the app. Each major release will have at least one of the more popular request included. Plus, I intend to get new releases out more frequently. I am going for approximately every 2 to 3 months max.

Floating action

Floating action

Floating Actions
So, for this release the user requested feature I’ve added is floating actions. This was the top requested new feature. It is simple to use. The option is found by editing the action and displaying the ‘SCHED’ tab. Choosing the ‘Float’ option on this tab looks like the picture on the right.

If you want to schedule an action, like working out, for three times per week you would simply use the arrows to change the number to 3. This action now has to be completed any three days of the week. The action will be italicized in your list until it becomes imperative.

Imperative means that the days left in the week is equal to the remaining days left to perform the action. When the action is not completed and not imperative it is ignored in that day’s history. Floating actions are only counted when they are completed or when the become imperative.

Goals Improvements
Goals and actions
The way goals work has also been improved. The actions can be sorted in the goal they are attached to. This sort order is independent of the sort order of the actions in the list by themselves. Goals can also be collapsed to hide the actions in them. When collapsed they show a count of the number of incompleted actions and a color code of the highest priority items remaining.

These are just two of the many changes added to version 6.0. For the full list of changes please see the change log here.

As always thank you for your feedback and support. My mission is to create the most effective tools I can to help you reach your goals and improve what ever aspect of you life you desire. So, please keep the feedback coming.

Until next time.

To your continued success,


4 thoughts on “List Version 6.0 Released

  • Hi Terry, thanks for the update.

    Really love this app and will try out the new version. I really would love the option of having two lists available.

    One for work purposes and one for personal goals. I really would feel self conscious if I left my device around and someone could view my personal goals although I do use this app daily for achieving my work goals.

    Happy Holidays!

    Tony Staggs

  • I can’t seem to get my tasks to stay in the order I want them in. I have carefully moved them into the right order several times, saving carefully once the whole list looks right. At first they show correctly, but if I make certain kinds of changes or additions after that, the display resets to what appears to be the order in which I entered them (over time.)

    So far the actions that have made it reset include adding a NEW list item and changing the list reset time. It doesn’t freak out if I just edit an item for spelling or priority.

    Do I have to physically erase all of them and enter them in the right order to get them to stay in the order I want? I have 45 list items and I’m not looking forward to the task if that’s what I have to do.

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