What features would you like to see added?

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Do you like using the List: Daily Checklist but wish it did something else that is does not. Please vote for the feature(s) you would like to see added in the future.

If you don’t see a feature but would like to have it added to the list leave it in the comments below.

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49 thoughts on “What features would you like to see added?

    • I realized that it would also be good if you added in the location option to add an option to create an alarm if you leave a location without completing a task.


  • I voted for the “floating item” one… there are some things I’d really like to track that I have goals set to do “x times per week”. If you were to implement this, making it possible to look at a historical view just for the weekly items would be great as well.

    Your app is great… there is nothing out there as robust and useful as “Daily Success”. If you added the floating feature, that would be just awesome 🙂


    Rob Welch

  • I would also like to have the ability to have the app help remember to check for my goals or remember my goals.

  • I would like to see the ability to add an Action that stops repeating the first time it is accomplished. Basically something that needs to get done one time but not necessarily that day or that week.

    I love your app and I use it every day.

  • I support virtually all the voted items!! This app is simple but powerful, so any more power should be ‘under the hood’ and not added complexity.

    I have a specific request, being a way of identifying those items you keep skipping, so a league table of success per task or goal, not just an aggregate of all the tasks.

    Another idea linked to this would be a dynamic priority that responds to failure by making a task increase in priority if it is not achieved consistently.

    At the moment the app is ‘dumb’ (no offense!) as it does not actively assist the user to achieve goals, merely scoring the failure. It is actually demoralizing to get a big red x if you manage a large number of tasks…

    You could also have some lifestyle or motivation tips, quick oneliners appearing each day…

    • Also would like to see durations for tasks so that the app can sum the total and alerts you to how much time you are committed to… or if you are being overloaded or overambitious.

      And also a progress bar for projects if they are based on oneoff tasks. I.e. like project planner.

      • To expand on the last point, it seems odd to me that goals have a progress bar and an end date, but only in terms of repeating tasks. E.g. fitness… you don’t achieve a goal only by repeating a task, you need to be able to assess performance.

        And for most life projects, oneoff tasks are essential. Perhaps they would be subtasks under repeating actions?

  • I wish we can do set tasks to repeat every other week or every third week or every month, instead of weekly.
    I also would love to schedule an action item due for that day into my regular calendar so that I can ensure I cover all my goals.

    • Exactly 1+
      “I wish we can do set tasks to repeat every other week or every third week or every month, instead of weekly.”
      -Pro user

  • I would like the option to see a tally of how many tasks I have left (either total or within each goal) or a tally of how many tasks I have competed rather than a percentage. Love the app though!

  • Hello Terry,
    This app is already good, but I hope that it can also be adjusted for our shifts.
    We have shifts for morning, evening and night with daily tasks and deadlines, within 15 minutes we have to perform some daily tasks before market closure.
    Till now we do not have a proper tool to warn us for the several deadlines.
    When I have a morning shift I want to activate the tasks for only this shift. It would also be nice to see the remaining time, maybe a color change of the task.

    Thank you for this app.
    Menno van der Wal, NL

  • I would like to have items that I can check off more than once a day, more like a counter than a yes/no.

    • I second this. For instance if I want to drink Water X8, there should be 8C check boxes. If I cannot get a big block of time to do cardio, 4x check boxes for 15 min each might be feasible.

  • You could have a big list of things that most people might want to add as recurring tasks, like drink water, take breaks, etc. and users could import them or contribute to the list.

  • Intermittant check points might be a good addition. For instance I weighed 250 lbs at the beginning of the Summer. My ultimate goal weight is 160. I should set something up to input my current weight periodically (& number of pushups I can do, resting heart rate, how long I can run, etc.)

    There must be ways to test if you’re on the right track for non fitness goals …

    • Hello Tamie,

      Thank you for your great suggestions. I like the big list idea. Will look to incorporate in the near future.

      I will be adding a counter type of action as well.

      The intermittent check point idea could be accomplished with tracking/journaling function. This is under consideration for a future enhancement.


    • Hello Jelina,

      Thanks for your suggestion. More scheduling options are in the works. I will consider your idea.

      Thank you.

  • Goal should option value e.g numbers,time and yes/no . so if my goal is to lose 20 lbs I should me able to log the progress over time which reflect in report same for if my goal is to study or exersice or do what not for 60 hrs in month I should be able to track my progress

    • Thank you for your suggestion Barkat. This exact idea is on the development road map for later this year.

  • It would be nice to have a feature where the you can edit the time frame in which you can free float an activity. For example, instead of just having a task that you can free float several times during only one week, expand it so that the task can be floated for a custom time range (2 weeks, 10 days, 1 month, etc.).

    This is useful for tasks that are not done on a weekly basis. Like “revise contents of pantry” 3 times in 30 days. This activity cannot be divided into once per week, and I cannot currently set it to once every 10 days, so I cannot put as an activity on the app.

    P.S. Thank you for this wonderful app. I love it!

    • Thanks for your suggestion. More robust scheduling options are in the works that will accommodate this scenario.

  • -I wish actions who stay visible only in a defined time on the day.
    -Actions who don’t count for a goal.
    -Actions who appears again in the lapsed of time assigned.
    Actually I must use other apps for complement this tasks.
    -Pro user

  • I want to add roles, I had saw them exploring on other checklists or planners and I think those will help me to define the my goals better.

  • I would like to be able to switch a goal from active to inactive easily, without having to input dates, and without marking it as achieved but merely not in use.

    This would allow me to set up checklists I need to use in different places and only see them for the place I am currently working.

    • Hello Pam,

      Thanks for your comments. When adding or editing an action, choose the days it will be done by choosing Fixed (the default) then choosing the days there. You can also choose ‘Float’ and choose 3. This way the action can be done any three days of the week.

  • I would love to have a floating task… for instance, something that needs to be done once a week, but not on one set day… and then it would re-set every week.

    I just don’t know how to make the scoring system work in this scenario :/

    • Hello Ana B,

      Actions can have a floating schedule by touching the ‘Float’ type while editing or creating the action. There you will be able to choose how many times per week the action should be performed.
      Let me know what other questions you have.


  • It would be great if the Notification would be like a alarm pop-up with some ringtone and features of snoozing it but not as a notification with a simple notification tone.
    Also i would like to suggest to add features like from and to time or number of hours and min required for tasks. This will be easy to know the users that the task time is over do you sure want to mark task as complete or not as a alarm pop-up… either its a great app i loved it thanks for such implementation 🙂

    • Hello Mitesh,

      Thank you for your suggestions. We will consider them for inclusion in a future release.


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