Version 7.05 Beta Released

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  • Added: Ability to set text and background colors individually for goals and actions
  • Added: Vacation Day mode. Use when on actual vacation or for when an emergency arises. When in Vacation Day mode unchecked items do not count against you. There is a limit of 7 vacations days per month
  • Added: German translation. Thanks to Peter Lpunkt
  • Added: Ability to change the widget header to match the background color
  • Added: Ability to export Report and Calendar data via CSV files
  • Improved: Sorting goals and actions from the main list is now more intuitive. Long press to get the pop up menu
  • Improved: Touching on an action in the widget opens the list and scrolls to the touched action
  • Fixed: Internal improvements and bug fixes


To get the Beta follow the instructions here:
Get the Beta version

I look forward to your feedback.


5 thoughts on “Version 7.05 Beta Released

  • Is there really no way to schedule a one time task on a specific date? This seems a rather large oversight.

    I’d also like to suggest adding a “notes” option to the calendar. I’ve gone through about 20 different apps trying to find the combination of features that I want (and don’t want) and none of them satisfy but yours is the closest. If it could add a one time task and had notes, it would be perfect. As it is I haven’t found what I need all in one app, and am stuck using at least two.

    • Thanks Kay. Both of your suggestions are on the list of features to be added. They will be coming soon.

  • It would be great if we could schedule an action for every other day…. or every third day… every forth day….etc. Any plans of adding this function?

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