Tips to simplify your main List screen

List: Daily Checklist provides quite a bit of information on its main List screen. This information is there to help you assess your progress and results over time as you use the app. However, for some users this might be overwhelming.

List was designed to be flexible and allows you to customize the screen to your liking. I will show you three things that you can change to greatly simplify the look of your main List screen.

This screen shot shows the main List screen with all of the default indicators and statistics turned on.


Here we see a simplified main List screen with the default indicators and statistics turned off.

How to simplify your main List screen

Refer to the following diagram:

1. These are your tool bars. The top bar contains your list stats for the current day as well as your streak count. The bottom bar contains a few controls. These bars can be hidden by touching the three dot menu on the upper right and selecting Hide Tool bars.

2. This is your additional info display. It contains statistics and information about each goal and action. This information can be hidden in the Quick Settings. Touch the three dots menu and choose Quick Settings. Un-select Show Detail Rows to hide this information from your List.

3. This is the floating add button. This can be removed in Settings under List Display. Turn off Show Floating Add Button to hide the button. An add icon will appear in the top action bar next to the search icon so that goals and actions can be added once the floating add button has been hidden.

As always your feedback is greatly appreciated. Did you find this information helpful? What other customizations would you like to see added to List: Daily Checklist.

Thank you.

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