List Version 12 Released

List: Daily Checklist version 12 has been released. It is definitely the best version yet!

Vacation Mode

When enabled this mode allows you to choose a subset of your actions to perform when you are on vacation. Just tell the app your start and end dates, the list of actions, and this subset list will appear for the duration of your vacation. This way you can stay consistent with what’s important to your while you are away from your normal day to day routine.

Notifications now survive reboots
If you have an alert notification that has not been dismissed it will now reappear if your device reboots.

Targets Android 26 Oreo

The app adheres to the latest Android security guidelines. These include notification channels and obeying background process limits. The notification channels the app has are:

  • Action Alerts – These notifications are triggered by an actions whose alert time has been reached
  • Past Action Alerts – These are recovered Action Alerts that where triggered but not dismissed but where then recreated after a reboot. These are set to not make a sound when they are re-created.
  • Background Services – These notifications are required by Android API 26. These give visibility into background activity being performed by the app. These are silent.
  • General Notification – This channel presents general app information like the nightly list reset message.

Notification channels can be seen from the List app by going to:
About -> App Info -> Notifications

This version also has some cosmetic improvements and bug fixes.

Get List: Daily Checklist from the Google Play Store here:
Download List from the Play Store

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