List Version 7.0 Released

After many months of design, coding and testing I am pleased to announce that version 7.0 of List has been released. This version has many of the suggestions I have received from users via Email, Play Store reviews, and the New Feature Poll page.

7.00 Beta Screen shot

Some highlights:

  • Full Material Design refresh
  • Database synchronization across multiple devices
  • Priority weights (Settings -> Priority Weights)
  • Progress Report showing all of your actions ordered by performance at a glance

You can view the entire list of changes in this release by visiting the Change Log Page.

Expect a shorter release cycle going forward. I have a tendency of adding too many things to a release. I will be adding less items and releasing more often from now on.

Thank you to all of the Beta testers who found bugs and issue that we missed.

As always, drop me an email at with any questions, suggestions, complaints, or to say hi. I do my best to respond to every email within 24 hours.

I want this app to be an effective tool to help you improve what ever area of your life you want to improve through consistency. So, I welcome your feedback.

To your continued success,


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